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Longevity & Safety

 Our servicing and maintenance contracts ensure:

• A reliable and professional service

• Scheduled maintenance visits ensure minimal risk of unplanned breakdowns and unexpected costs as we can advise when parts start to show wear and tear

• Safety parts are regularly checked, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring that workplace health and safety regulations are adhered to

• Force Test Compliance Reports

Our maintenance contracts provide two maintenance visits within the 12-month period. We will undertake routine maintenance which will ultimately prolong the life and ensure the safe operation of your systems and ensure your system works efficiently and is safe to use in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. It is also a requirement of British Standards (BS-12453) that a biannual service of safety systems be carried out by a competent body.  Please call us to discuss a Servicing and Maintenance package suitable for your home or business, 

Gate Servicing & Maintenance - Commercial and Domestic: Services
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